ILGA World Conference 2012


In order to apply for a scholarship to attend the ILGA World conference, there are a few steps to follow:

1. Get a nomination from your organization to apply for a scholarship
2. Fill out the scholarship application form below
3. Fill out the conference registration for scholars

DEADLINE for submission of the scholarship applications is July 3 2012.

Organizations decide themselves which persons to nominate for a scholarship. Because of funding constraints it is unlikely that any organization will receive more than one scholarship. It is important that each organization makes an active decision on which representatives to nominate before submitting applications. Unfortunately not every organization can count on receiving scholarships. To ensure the diversity of the conference ILGA wants to encourage organizations to select representatives from groups that have often been underrepresented at conferences – for example women and trans people. Read more about the evaluation of scholarships.

NB: Sending an application form does not guarantee a scholarship.
You will be informed about the result of your application as soon as possible.
ILGA would like to encourage you to ensure your participation by applying for funding from other donors.

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